About Arista Home Care Solutions

Arista Home Care Solutions offers in-home care throughout Toledo and the surrounding area. We provide non-medical personal and companion care to seniors and people with disabilities. Arista allows those in need to remain comfortably in their home, close to family and friends. Arista Home Care is locally owned and operated, reinvesting our time and resources in the community in which we live.

Our Why could be Your Why.

Like you, we too have struggled with finding reliable, compassionate caregivers. When looking for in-home care for Paula’s aging mother, we were disappointed in the quality of care she received; the lack of consistent caregivers and poor training; and also by the “corporate way” our concerns were addressed. We felt helpless as she was re-admitted to the hospital over and over again.  There was no resolution and no one provided solutions. There had to be a better way.

We set out to create a different in-home care company and it starts with our name.  There are a lot of home care companies out there; in order to distinguish ourselves from the rest we focus on providing “Solutions” to the problems your facing.  Thus the name, Arista Home Care SOLUTIONS.

Family owned and operated, we have raised our six children locally. Paula graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Medical Assisting and has been working in healthcare in Toledo for over 25 years. Clayton, has an MPA from Bowling Green State University and brings a wealth of customer service, marketing and organizational knowledge to the company.

We know that we will not be defined by what we say about ourselves, but by what OTHERS say about us. 
Giving Back to Our Community

Because we are proud to be locally owned and operated, we invest our time and resources in giving back to our community.  We are proud to be affiliated with the following groups, events and volunteer organizations.

Local charities, fundraisers and on-going volunteer activities:

Organizational Memberships to promote service, charity, growth and opportunity in our region: